Ніж №9 Х12МФ

Ніж №9 Х12МФ


7,400 UAH

Клинок №36 дамаск

Клинок №36 дамаск

Длина: 140 мм Ширина: 24-25 мм Толщина:  4.0 мм Твердость: 59-60 ..

1,820 UAH

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Our specialization lies in handcrafting blades of various types, including hunting knives, fishing knives, and knives for camping and more. In our work, we use exceptional material - Damascus steel, which provides our knives with incredible strength and durability.

Each blade we create is a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship. Every detail of our handmade knives is marked by precision and attention to detail, and each knife boasts its own unique design and sophistication. By utilizing Damascus steel, we craft the highest quality knives that are guaranteed to be reliable tools for a wide range of tasks.

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